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Yo mama is so fat her butt got her own congressman - G DOG

Yo mama so fat she went to Jenny Craigs and they said "We asked for your wight not your phone number - Blondegoddess

Your Mama's so white she shops at KKKmart - Big Al

Your Mama's so fat when she stepped on a scale, it said, "F*** it - they don't pay me enough to do this - Big Al

yo mommma just like a vacum she suck, she blows, and get's laid in the cloest - Anonymous

Yo momma is so stupid, she failed the urine test, right after she failed the pregnancy test! - Mikey

ur momma so stupid she thought that fruit punch was a gay boxer - msitom000

Yo momma teeth so yellow when she drinks a glass of water it turns to lemonade. - paige

Yo momma so fat, she jumped for joy and got stuck. - DaT GuRL

yo mamma so fat when she entered a fat contest she won 1, 2, and 3 - slip-n-slide

yo mama so fat,she sat in a car and made spare parts - john niagraflls

Yo momma so ugly she makes onions cry - Anonymous

your mum is so fat when she bought a water-bed thay had to lay a blanket over the pacific ocean - Jonathon mcbain

ya mama so fat she sat on a dollar and four quarters popped out - Anonymous

your mums so fat she can't jump to conclusions! - numnuts

yo mama like a doorknob every one gets a turn - Anonymous

yo momma is so fat that she sat on a quarter and a booger flew out of george washington's nose.- gondeur

Yo momma is so fat that she rolled over four quarters and made a dollar. - gondeur

your mama so skinny, if she grew a afro, she'd look like a used Qtip. - david nimako

yo momma so stupid i told her your birthday is right around the conner she ran to go get it - c money

yo mamma is so stupid,she stuck two energizer batteries up her butt and yelled "i got the power" - Anonymous

Yo momma like a hardware store, ten cents per screw - Anonymous

Yo momma so stupid, she sits on the t.v. and watches the couch - Anonymous

yo momma is so stupid she tried to kill a bird by throwing it over a cliff. - mamabwoy

yo momma is so fat shes both sides of the family. - raven

Yo Momma is so fat that when she went missing, they had to use all 4 sides of the milk carton! - Grumpy Basement Person

yo mama so slow she put lipstick on her forehead to make up her mind. - Bre-Bre

Your moma so stupid she brought a spoon to the super bowl. - G man

yo momma so stupid when I was walking down the street I saw her yelling into a envelope I said ''what you doing'' and she said ''sending a voicemail'' - the legend

yo mama so cheap she dreams in black and white - Egglypse

yo mama so cheap she goes to KFC and licks everybody else's fingers - Egglypse

yo mommas so poor she cant even afford 2 pay attention - Zora and Tamika

Yo mama so ugly that when she goes in a strip club they pay her to keep her clothes on - jeremy

yo momma so old that when i said to act her age she died - mackenzie

your mother is so dumb she looked at an orange juice carton for four hours because it said concentrate! - Andrew Moore

yo momma is so ugly that when she was born she had to be put in an incubator with tinted windows. - sean

yo mamma is so fat when she went to get her picture taken the camera guy said, 'say cheese" she said, "where?" - jeffro

Yo mamma is so, fat that when she fell in love, she broke it. - Anonymous

Yo momma so fat when she goes out in high heels she comes back in flip flops - sam

Yo momma is so fat that when she dies not even God could carry her soul up - Anonymous

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