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Yo mama so old she sat behind jesus in 3rd grade! - Zmustang1

Yo mamma so fat she bent over and got arrested for selling crack! - Zmustang1

Yo' mommas so fat she goes to Earl Shines Auto Garage to get her toe nails painted - Mike

yo momma so fat she fell out of a rocket ship and blew up the earth! - Anonymous

yo mamma so stupid she took a coloring book with her to see the color purple - hick-kac

yo mamma so stupid she thought DMX was a group - hick-kac

Yo momma is so fat, everytime she turn around it's her next birthday - ladoo

ur mother so ugly her mother had to feed her with a sling shot - yea baby

yo momma ain't got not teeth talking bout give me a bite. - little ginuwine

yo momma so fat she sat in a chair, and the chair started singing i'm going down. - little ginuwine

yo momma so fat, she uses a navy ship as jet skies - Anonymous

yo momma so fat, she uses trees as pot - big dawg

yo mamma so ugly she got pulled over for D.W.U.(driving while ugly) - kick-kac

yo mamas so fat she got hit by a bus and said who threw that rock - eminem

Yo mama so hairy she got affros on her nipples -The Ultimit playa

Yo momma so dumb, she put a quarter in the meter and said where's my gumball. - Froggie baby

Your momma so old when she saw Jurassic Park it brought back memories - Anonymous

Yo momma is so fat that one day she sat in her car and it said Low Ri-der - tracie

Yo momma is so fat when I finally got on top of her-I burned my a$$ with the light bulb - liz

yo momma is so black when she went to night school she got marked absent - liz

Yo mama's so dry, her crab's carry canteens! - samfish7

yo mommas butt soooo fat, they use her a$$ to cover a volcano! - Big Momma

Yo Momma so loose it's like throwing a weenie down the hallway - Rosie

Your momma is so poor when I put out a ciggerette she yelled "Who turned off the heat???" - sweetheart

Yo momma so fat her bellybutton doesn't have lint it has sweaters - KATE H.

Yo momma so stupid her cereal bowl came with a lifegaurd - KATE H.

Yo momma so fat she was diognosed with a flesh eating diseases and the doctor gave her 17 years to live - KATE H.

yo momma so black she gets in tha jacuzzi and turns tha water into hot chocolate! - Lady Iceberg

Yo momma is so fat when she jump on the trampoline with Yellow on, The sun said I give up! - shorty

Yo momma so old, she be gamblin' wit da dinosaurs - Julie Barker

Yo mama so ugly, she gave FREDDY KRUGER nightmares. - nik-nik

Yo momma so ugly, her pillow cries at night. - FyRe

Yo momma so fat she has three different shirt sizes: Exlarge, Jumbo, and OH my god its coming towards us. - Branden

Yo house so dirty the roaches need dirt bikes to get around - edomac

yo mammas house is so dirty i have to wipe my feet before going outside - steven

yo mama is so dumb, she stucked two batteries up her a$$ and said "I GOT THE POWER". - Viper

Yo momma so fat she uses sleeping bags for leg warmers. - CJ

your momma's so ugly when she crys the tears run down the back of her head cuz they to scared to come down the front - venom

yo mamma is so stupid she thought 2 pac shakur was a jewish holiday - nobody

yo mamma so stupid she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go! - Anonymous

Yo momma is soo fat,when she goes to the beach people crowed around her for shade! - Anonymous

Yo mama's so fat when I got on top of her my ears popped. - Frank Rizzo

Yo momma so dumb, she went to the movies and they said 17 and under not permitted so she went and got 16 of her friends. - Amy

Yo mama so fat when she ordered a water bed they put a blanket over the ocean - Anonymous

Yo mama is so loose its like throwing a hot dog down a hallway - Anonymous

Yo mama is so stupid i told her i was going to get her tommy HILLfigure and she told me she already tried to lose weight - smarta$$

your mamma is so poor that she went to McDonalds and put a milkshake on layway - Evan

yo momma is so poor if she got robbed it would just be for practice. - Cheifhairy

yo mama so dumb when she was drivin to disney land she saw a sign that said disney land left so she turned around and went home - funny dude

Yo momma so ugly, when she went into the bank they turned off the security cameras - Jon

Yo mamma is so stupid, she took the Pepsi Challenge and chose Jif. - Shane Boller

Yo momma so ugly, her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory - Anonymous

Your momma so ugly, she'd make a freight train take a dirt road. - martymar

Yo Momma is so fat, shw went outside in a blue dress and everyone said the sky is falling. - babookie

Your mama is so stupid she went to pizza hut and order a Big Mac - BIGC

Yo Mamma so fat when she saw a school bus pass by she said come back Twinkie - Daniel85

yo mama is so fat, she went to Jenny Craig and Jenny Craig said "sorry, we dont do miracles" - Anonymous

Your momma is sooo old i looked in her year book and saw jesus! - da brat

Yo momma so dumb,she studied for a drug test! - Pretty Thug

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