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Yo Momma So fat she takes posters not pictures - Ray Uvero

yo mamma so nasty, when i asked her what's to drink she lifted up her left breast and said SPOILED MILK - Anonymous

Yo Mamma so fat when she stepped on a talking scale it said there is f_cking a elephant on me! - Neo

yo momma is so ugly your dad takes her to work so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye - Anonymous

Yo Momma so ugly that when she woke up in the morning roaches were huddled around her neck singing, "We are Family..." - funny girl

yo mama teeth so rottin look like she got a set of dice in her mouth.- Anonymous

Yo Momma so stupid the last time she used a vibrator she broke her two front teeth! - Sephiroth_Masamune

Yo momma so ugly,when she was born they put her in an incubator with tinted windows - Lush

Yo momma so poor...I asked her if I could go to the bathroom, she gave me two sticks...1 for holding the roof up and the other to fight of cockroaches. - turboblastoise

Yo momma so ghetto, her car alarm says: "Back up n****!" - oaktown_playa

yo momma soo loose she sat on a stool and hit the floor - Maddog16k

yo mamma is so stupid she thought fruit punch was a gay boxer - anonymous

Yo Momma so hairy she spread open her legs and every one said Bush Gardens! - Will Fenske

yo momma so fat your family portrait takes up 10 frame 5 of them are yo mommas - Riceboi

yo mamma is so dumb....... she makes blondes look smart. - Vegeta's Girl

your mamas so fat when she gett in a elevator it says next stop hell - robby

yo mamma so fat her stomach got a cell phone to call her mouth when its time to eat - sean gilbert

Yo Momma's hair is so nappy , Moses couldn't part it - Lauren

Yo mama so nasty, when she was workin at a sperm bank she got fired for drinkin on the job!!! - J&G

Yo mama so ugly, she was in the Ripley's believe it or not - Anonymous

yo mamas so stupid she thought if she woke up fast enough she could see her self sleeping - the great one

Yo momma's teeth are so rotten, it looks like her tongue is in jail! - Anonymous

yo mamma iz so fat and hairy she look like king kong with titiez

Yo Momma is so stupid, I told her to take out the trash so she moved out. - Anonymous

yo momma so dumb she saw her reflection on the T. v. and thought she was on double jepordy - boni and clyde

yo momma so fat she landed down on the earth and made the dinosours extinct - boni and clyde

Yo momma is so fat, it takes 1 year to download her picture - Kevin

Yo momma is so old she made Fred Flinstone BedRock - Anonymous

Yo momma so stupid she tuck a phone up her butt, and thought she was making a booty call - crazyA$$

yo momma so stupid she invented a wheelchair with pedals - jdawg

Your mama is so poor when i went to her house and asked her were the bathroom is and she told me to pick a corner any corner - funky fenton

yo momma so poor, on a halloween night i asked her what she was decorating her house with and she opened up her legs and said coochie cobwebs - Anonymous

yo mamma so black malcom x made her sit on the back of the bus - streamside

yo mamma so ugly she makes legless kids run - dude

Your Momma is so ugly she has to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink - Anonymous

Yo mama's so stupid, she went to a Clippers Basketball game to get a hair cut - Anonymous

Yo mama breath must be taking karate because it's really kickin - Willennium02

Yo momma is so fat on halloween she says trick or meatloaf - Anonymous

Your mamma's house is so dusty the roaches ride around on dune buggies. - Madd Matt

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