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your mama so cheap when your house burnt down she said, "Clap your handz stop your feet thank the lord we have heat" - Mad fuNny

Yo momma's glasses so thick she look at a map and seen people wavin' - Nate Dogg

you momma so country she has corn bread for her weading cake - Nate Dogg

yo momma like a basketball, she bounces from one person to the next - Nate Dogg

Yo momma so pour when I asked to use the bathroom she said third bucket on the right. - Little Slugga

yo mommas so poor i walked in her house and 2 roaches tripped me and took my wallet - chris

yo mama is sooo fat when she put on high heals and walked out onto the street she struck oil! - Anonymous

Your momma so fat they had to grease the doorframe and stick a twinkie on the other side just to get her through. - JokeMaster

Your momma is so ugly when she walk by the restroom the toilet flushed - joker99

yo momma so fat when she sat in the road I ran out of gas trying to go around her - Anonymous

yo moma is so big she uses a roll of bounty and a rope for a tampon - Anonymous

yo mama is like a t.v. Even a 2 year old can turn her on! - masterjo8

Yo momma is so stupid that when she asked me what kind of jeans I had on i said guess she said hmmm? - DaRKsTaR

Yo momma is so stupid that she went to a family reunion to look for a date - Anonymous

Yo mama so fat,that she was asked to star as the whale in the movie Moby Dick - Creedfan

Yo momma is so old that they key on Benjamin Frankilins kite was the key to her apartment. - Junior

Yo momma is so black, she leaves fingerprints on charcoal - Ian

Yo mama so fat she entered a fat contest and won first, second and third. - XTC

yo momma is so old she has powder milk in her breast - Anonymous

Yo momma breath stinks so bad that people look forward to her farts - Anonymous

yo momma said lets throw a party and she ain't got no arms - susu

Your momma is so fat, she sat on a dollar bill and turned it into 4 quarters. - nubbins04

Your mommas so fat, she was wearin a malcom x t-shirt and a helicopter tried to land on her - nubbins04

your mommas so fat, she sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out - nubbins04

your mommas so ugly you got to tie steak to her neck just so the dog will play with her - nubbins04

your mommas so poor i saw her kickin a can down the street, i said what r u doing? she said MOVING - nubbins04

your mommas so poor when your dads ciggarette burnt out she said "who turned out the lights?" - nubbins04

yo momma so stupid she threw a rock on da floor and missed! - spydre

Yo momma is so hairy that when she went ot the zoo the zookepper said'"get back to your cage!" - Anonymous

yo mamma nose is so big her boogers look like green apples - Richard R.

YO mamma is so poor when i walked in her house and stepped on a cockroach she said clap yo hands stomp yo feet praise the lord we got somethin to eat! - Anonymous

Yo' momma so fat...she's got stretch marks on her teeth!! - BettyG

Yo mamma so fat, when she saw a school bus she said, "Stop that twinkie with oreos!" - Jessica

your moma is so stupid she sold her car for a gallon of GAS! - Jayden

Your mommas so stupid she got fired from the m&m factory for throwing out all the w's - Phillip

yo momma so dumb that when she imed her self she thinks she is talking and when she writes and then writes back she says stop coping me - Anonymous

yo mama is like a hardware store 10 cents a screw - Anonymous

your mommas so fat, when she walked passed the t.v. I missed three commercials - Anonymous

YO Momma so fat when she went to a restuarant the waiter said party of Five. - BaDkArMa

Yo mamma so ugly she makes urine curdle - loopy

yo mommas so stupid she got locked in a bathroom and pissed in herself. - Anonymous

yo mama is so black the cops shot at her and the bullets came back for flash-lights! - mr.emtypants

Yo momma like a toilet... she's big, white & smells like $hit - Monique

Yo momma so nasty she went swimming and now we got the dead sea! - Mo-nike

Yo momma so stupid she makes Beavis & Butt Head look like noble prize winners! - Seriously193

Yo momma so slutty she heard Santa Claus say "HO Ho HO" so she thought she was gettin it three times! - Seriously193

YO mamma is soooo fat, shes got a watch for each time zone - ATOMATON

Yo mamma is soo poor, your family car is a skateboard - ATOMATON

Yo mamma is soooo stpid, she put her watch in the bank to save time. - ATOMATON

Yo momma is so fat that when she stood up everyone yelled out "eclipse"! - GIl

Yo mama is so poor i walked in her house and asked to use the bathroom she said right this way i walked in the bathroom and saw a cockroach on a Pepsi can and he said "wait yo turn" - Poor mammy

Yo mommas teeth are soo yellow when she smiled you could see Dorthy skipping across her teeth! - Lilchika

your mama so fat when she went to sizzilers she got a group discount - mookie

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