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The first madcool site MadCool: a popular slang term that is used to describe an object that is excellent or first-rate.

The Beginning
-=MadCool=- website started back in July 1998 by Ben Li. It was just a personal homepage hosted on spree.com. One year later on June 1999, the second version came out. It was a huge improvement from the first site in terms of creativity, design, and load speed. The site grew very popular due to it's content and unique design, and still is to this date. It has won over 50+ awards! Due to popularity, MadCool.com was brought in late Oct 99.

MadCool.com has grown far beyond the original expectations. A few sections branch off to become it's own unique web site. KKDiscount.com, AsiaFinest.com, and 4idols.com started as a small section in the MadCool Entertainment Center and grew in popularity. In 3 years, MadCool Entertainment became the MadCool Network: consisting of popular e-commerce and entertainment websites.

Present Day
MadCool.com is a popular online destination for free entertainment content such as jokes, pictures, and online games. We aim to become one of the top entertainment websites online. Through various expansions and partnerships, MadCool Entertainment Center continues to grow bigger and better with each passing day. Of course, none of this would be here today without the people on the MadCool team, sponsors, and the support from loyal visitors! If you're interested in advertising on MadCool.com, click here.

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