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Funny Doctors Poem JokeFunny Doctors Poem Joke

Funny Doctors Poem
I don't have many aches and pains
And don't need rubs or ointments
But yet it seems I've always got
Some medical appointments.

My doctor looks me over but
he soon realizes,
That what I've got needs the care
Of one who specializes.

No matter who I go to see,
I'm never, ever late,
Appointment time means nothing,
I sit and wait and wait.

I see my ophthalmologist
Because of my glaucoma,
But by the time he gets to me
I'm blind and in a coma.

My dermatologist comes up next,
He says I'm one bad case,
And then proceeds to change
The whole appearance of my face.

My dentist plans new teeth for me,
He'll fix them on the spot,
The only problem is they'll cost
More money than I've got.

And though I kid around a bit,
To them a rousing cheer,
For if I did not have them all,
I doubt that I'd be here.
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