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World Mouseclicking Championship GameMadCool World Mouse Clicking Competition Game

World Mouseclicking Competition

Have you got what it takes to be a Big Fast Finger round town?
Or are you a bit of a limp clicker?

Try this MadCool Mouse Clicking game below.
Press 'Start' and then click like crazy for ten seconds.

Seconds remaining


Mouse Click Contest Result
  • score:
  • 00-09 Are you alive?
  • 10-14 Weak! Better hit the gym!
  • 15-24 Newbie! Strictly amateur
  • 25-34 There's hope for you yet
  • 35-44 Way to go! now you're talking!
  • 45-49 Superb! you're looking hot, hot, hot!
  • 50-54 MadCool! truly a connoisseur of clickers
  • 55-59 Positively bionic, a true titan amongst clickees
  • 60-79 Congrats! you are King of the mouse clicks!
  • 80 + Doctor! (Are you even human?!)

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