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MadCool Shockwave Games Galore

There will be more and more Shockwave games in the coming future so come back often. If you made a Shockwave game that you would like to see here, contact us and we'll host it here with your link! No quarters need! Enjoy! Got a High Score? Talk about it in our Discussion Boards!

Commando is a must play game. Incoming missile is about to hit your city! Do you have what it takes to stop it?
Tic Tac Toe
Here is a Tic Tac Toe shockwave game with a very interesting background and cool music. <Mature>
Lickety-Splat: See how long it takes you to catch all the flys!
Number Puzzle
Number Puzzle: Test Your smarts by rearranging the numbers!
aqua breakout
Aqua Break Out: It's is like Break Out but you're under water as a submarine! Check it out!
Merlin's Revenge
Merlin's Revenge! You control Merlin the wizard as you battle monsters of all shape and sizes! Power-Ups and everything. Check out this cool game!
Ufo Pool Party UFO Pool Party! A fun game where you race against the clock to abduct people and object while attacking rival UFOs!

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