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Gon Masashi TanakaGon By Masashi Tanaka

Gon by Masashi TanakaNot too many people know who or what Gon is. This site is dedicated to inform all web users about one of the coolest manga dinosaur out in the comic world! This is also the FIRST and Original Gon website ever developed for him! Also we have a picture gallery full of cool GON pictures. If you have any Gon materials or pictures, feel free to contact us, and we'll credit you for it!

What is Gon?
Gon attempts to fly"If you live in Japan, you already know the answer to that question. For millions of Japanese comic book readers, a Gon sighting is much-anticipated event, and the serialization of his adventures in Japan WEEKLY MORNING magazine accounts for many of the best-selling issues of that magazine.

Gon Comic BookSince 1991, Gon's creator Masashi Tanaka has crafted dozens of stories detailing the adventures of the foot-tall dinosaur as he roams the planet, befriending and/or antagonizing a seemingly endless variety of modern-day animals. Where Gon come from and how he got here is left unsaid, but the lack of a logical explanation for his existence seems little obstacle to readers' enjoyment of the tiny terror's sometimes poignant, always hilarious exploits. Gon's Adventures take place everywhere; in the past, he has convorted with penguin in Antarctica and zebras on the African Veldt; grizzly bears in the Pacific Northwest and koalas on the Australian outback. You name the place he been there, and wreaked havoc to boot.

Gon TanakaThat's what Gon's Japanese audience knows; Here in the States, however, Gon's presence is slightly less all-pervasive, but no less anticipated by his many American fans. For them, as for the Japanese, each new volume offers the possibility of new locales for Gon to venture into, new ways to get into trouble, and new vistas to be beautifully rendered in Tanaka's unique art style.

Gon MangaIn a world of pocket monsters, Gon reign supreme. No mere figment of the imagination, no mere one-of-150-available cute critters, Gon is unique - the first, finest, and smartest of his breed. Tiny, orange, funny, finest, and ferocious, Gon is a creature out of time, a creature that never was, but unlike the current crop of mini-critters overwhelming video games and toy store shelves, might have been. His adventures, till now at least take place in the real world. He interacts with other species of animals that truely exist, and if their reactions to Gon's presence seem slightly more human than animal - well, chalk that up to artistic license. Sure, it's fiction - but Gon's adventure always display a scrupulously researched reality that serves as the launch pad for their flights of fantasy. And despite the whimsy evident in practically every one of the Gon stories, there's a real depth to the character, and a never - exhausting flow of imaginative situations for Masashi Tanaka's favorite creation to get into (and out of!)."

Gon Graphic NovelsGon is a tiny modern-day dinosaur who just lives to defend all of nature cute and furry creatures from all the monstrous, carnivorous, and just plain nasty predatory creatures the wild has to offer - that, and create havoc whenever there's a moment to spare.

Japanese Gon Game Super Famicom NESGON has also appeared as a special fighter in a video game call Tekken 3 for the Playstation. Click here to see Gon's videos of him in action in the game. Gon actually had his own video game on the Japanese Super Famicom(aka Super NES in the US) as shown in the picture on the right!

Visitors can now read some of Gon's stories here at MadCool Gon Galore! These strips are from his Japanese version books. If you like it, you can click here to purchase his American version graphic novels at a low price! Each book contain like 4-5 of Gon's adventures! Also we have a picture gallery full of cool GON pictures. If you have any pictures or Gon videos, please email them to us!

Gon Comic Strip 1
Gon Comic Strip 2
Gon and his goal to best the beaver
Gon and his adventure with a lion

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